Want to open a private practice in Connecticut?

Then this event is for YOU!


1) Do I need to be licensed to benefit from this workshop?
No! This workshop is designed for anyone with an interest in private practice, and there is no pre-requisite or prior knowledge required to attend!

2) I am not quite ready to start my practice, should I wait to attend a later workshop?
Carpe diem! Now is the time! Many clinicians find that having an overview of what it takes to open a practice allows them to more effectively plan their budgets, create a realistic transition plan out of their full time job and open their practice with minimal stress or pressure to build their practice income.

3) I am terrified, can I really do this?
YES YES YES YES YES YOU CAN! One of my biggest goals in this workshop is to take the mystery and fear out of opening a practice and show you just how manageable the steps can be.

4) Do you offer one-on-one services?
I do! I am available for one-on-one practice consultation services... And so much more! In addition to running my practice as an LMFT, I am an empowerment coach, and love helping others achieve their goals. :)

5) I am already working with a supervisor who can teach me about opening a practice, would this workshop give me any additional benefit by attending?
YES! Just looking at cost alone, this workshop offers HIGH VALUE at an extremely reasonable price. On average, a consultation session with me costs $150/hour. This workshop is valued at $450... And will only cost you $100!

Furthermore, when we are working in one-on-one supervision, we are limited to what we know within that dynamic. Sure, great supervisors/supervision challenges and supports us, but the energy that comes with brain-storming and collaborating with other providers who are in the same creative space as you is electric! You will get so much from the energy within a dynamic like the workshop, and your supervision sessions will be richer because of it.

Finally, in a small workshop setting like this, you have a great ability to network. Private practice can become isolating if you don't work at being connected to your peers. And there is nothing like having a posse of peers who is on the same journey as you! You will have the opportunity to meet others who you can establish relationships with to support one another on your exciting new journey into the private practice world.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have regarding the logistics and content of the workshop! I look forward to seeing you there.

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