I am confident that you will love working together.

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"I would highly recommend utilizing coaching with Katie Burdick. She offers unique perspective while working with clients in a supportive manner. Katie offers her listening skills in a nonjudgmental manner as a coach. I have gone to Katie multiple times when I had a difficult time with some cases. Katie was able to provide a safe space for me to express myself and provide clinical skills that support me to grow as a therapist." ~ EC

"I had an amazing coaching experience with Katie, she really encompasses the roles of supervisor, mentor, coach, consultant, supporter and teacher. Katie provided the space for me to structure coaching in a way that worked for me. She is knowledgeable and brings such a positive energy to sessions. She helped me grow as a therapist in so many ways, one being by challenging me to push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to better assist my clients.  I learned so much from Katie and feel grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her!" ~ EH

"When it comes to clinical and professional resources, a person can't get much better than Katie Burdick! I have had the honor of calling Mrs. Burdick a colleague and clinical cohort for the past few years. Her desire to serve clients and provide competent, compassionate holistic therapy is something to be admired. Through dedication and an enviable inner drive, Mrs. Burdick has become well-versed in the sometimes complicated and overwhelming process of becoming a professional with a private practice. Katie has been able to navigate through the frustrating channels of getting your practice off the ground and being properly compensated. Her ability to communicate the nuances of the systems and requirements of the profession are easy to comprehend and execute due to her communication style and clear language. As we spend our days helping and guiding others, it is also important to get help and guidance ourselves." ~ HS