in·tu·i·tion: /int(y)o͞oˈiSH(ə)n/ noun; the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

yo·ga: /yōgə/ noun; union, the joining of the individual Self with the divine consciousness

Intuition and Yogic Lifestyle Coaching is a program designed to help you reconnect with your intuition - your deepest, purest light - in a consistent and sustainable way.

We are all intuitive. Whether we call it instinct, our Higher Self or just plain common sense, we all have an internal guide that leads us in life. Our intuition lives in our heart, the energetic space that holds our capacity to love. Our heart chakra is an energetic powerhouse that connects our earthly and spiritual understanding of ourselves, others and the world in which we live.

You may understand this in theory, but what would it mean for you to truly live this way? What levels of happiness and abundance could you reach having access to all the answers, all the support, and all the peace and unconditional love for Self and others you could ever imagine?

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Many of us get lost on our life path because we forget we are SOULS having a human experience and get stuck in who we "think" we are. The physical, mental and emotional layers of the person are rooted in the first three chakras that govern physical safety, security, creativity and understanding of Self in the tangible world. Our physical bodies are also our greatest tool and ally in accessing our intuition. These energetic centers are where the presence of conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic stress/illness and trauma manifest as a result of imbalances in the way in which a person thinks or interacts with the world. We participate in endless cycles of unfulfilling expectations and spend more time reacting to our lives than creating them. Intuition and Yogic Lifestyle Coaching guides you back to the deepest parts of yourself so you can remember the great things you are here to accomplish. This is exactly what our souls want — for us to EVOLVE by learning how to LOVE completely and unconditionally! Focusing on living from the upper three chakras - the throat, third eye and crown - we embody who we are as a spiritual beings. We are no longer afraid to express who we are. We can trust our Self, see Truth in everything within and around us, and effortlessly access the “flow” of the divine whenever we need to. We live in harmony with our bodies, minds and emotions, and start to harness the power of who we truly are.

Utilizing a combination of energetic healing modalities, personalized yoga sequences and meditation sessions within the framework of ancient wisdom traditions, I help you reconnect to your Highest Self and live a life you love.

What You Can Expect

Coaching sessions are the focused, structured, non-judgmental, action-oriented space you need to smash through the blocks, tear off the blinders and tap back into your personal strength on your terms! Packages are available in 3, 6 or 12 month increments with a variety of add-on’s to enhance your journey.

We will connect you back with what makes you awesome by exploring and challenging negative behaviors and thought patterns in order to improve emotional experiences. We come to understand that there is not a fundamental “disorder” within a person, rather a perfect and whole existence waiting to shine. In this knowledge, we strip away the roles, labels and falsehoods that cover up basic truths in who we are as beings. We will revamp your self-care techniques to make sure you are supporting yourself on your journey. We will define clear goals for your life, career, and relationships to create a solid action plan to help you reach your dreams. And we will face all that scary sh*t buried deep down inside (you know, that icky voice whispering lies that you aren’t good enough) to create a life that you are excited to live every day.

Are We a Good Fit?

  • Do you feel disconnected from joy?

  • Do you have a great job or relationship but feel like there is constantly something missing?

  • Do you desire to amplify the joys of your life and evolve to a greater state of love?

  • Are you a spiritual entrepreneur with a new idea to be explored that you are not ready to share with others?

  • Are you a woman finding yourself following a change of career/change in life circumstance (i.e. becoming a mother, ending or beginning a relationship)?

  • Are you on a journey of self-growth and spiritual discovery?

  • Are you in need of a safe space to receive support to nurture your intuitive gifts?

  • Have you already completed Soul Psychotherapy and are ready to amplify your soul’s growth?

  • Are you ready to become an emotional badass and master of your inner world? 

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