No Resolutions, No Regrets

Obviously there is no perfect life. But there is acceptance of life as an imperfect masterpiece. When we choose to live each day grounded in ourselves, following our inner guidance, we cultivate a life that we are excited about. If every day you woke up and said “yes” to what brings you joy and “no” to what doesn’t serve you, you would find you are living your life for the right now. And living in the now is the biggest source of peace we can discover.

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Big Magic (Part 2)

Even Oscar recommends Big Magic!

Even Oscar recommends Big Magic!

If you’ve been paying attention for the past few weeks, you’ll know I have been feeling absolutely ignited by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. I intended to write a book review, and in some ways this post is just that. But I have come to realize in no way could I express the depth of her ideas in one short post. The magic (pun intended) that flows from her book would only be dimmed by my attempts to explain it second-hand to you – a huge disservice to her and you. My recommendation – buy the book and read it. Find the magic as it fits for you, in your own way, in your own life. You will not regret it in the slightest, whether you consider yourself a creator or not. Spoiler alert: according to the book, we are all creators.

What I will do, however, is expand on her thoughts in my understanding of them. I do think the book is written with (what most would consider) a “traditional” understanding of creator in mind: artists, writers, musicians, etc. But, the universal thread and core assumption is that creativity lives outside of us all, and that it is our job to draw in and nurture this gift. Not outwardly spiritual in nature, the book has flavors of Elizabeth’s belief in Universal Law and manifestation, as well as belief and faith in a higher power energy.

The book is divided in to sections relating to courage, enchantment, permission, persistence, trust and divinity. Each chapter explores these concepts as they relate to creating, but the anecdotes that come along with each are priceless in so many ways. The lessons learned can be applied to any area of our life we struggle with, and as a guide to more grounded and fulfilled living. The author’s enduringly optimistic tone further enhances the expected accountability of someone who is being empowered to chase their dreams, balanced with a belief in magic and honest tough love. She often speaks to the audience of the romanticism of having faith, then gives you a healthy kick in the ass to remind you that there is no place for drama in true success and joyful living. She demonstrates that happiness is a choice and YOU are responsible for your happy ending.

So what if we expanded these concepts to other areas of our life, not just creativity? What if we dedicated ourselves to living each day with the strength of courage, the wonder of enchantment, the permission to dream and take risks, the persistence in pursuing what we desire, and the trust in something greater than ourselves that it will all work out? How would your life change if you set the intention every morning to wake up and commit to this process?


There are moments in my life where I followed this formula with far less awareness and insight with great, mystical success. Many choices I have made with blind faith, being totally unclear of the path ahead, yet somehow knowing it was the right step to take. Was it nerve-wracking? Absolutely terrifying. Were they choices I consciously made? Not always. And yet by embodying these qualities, the outcome was always breath-taking and surprisingly perfect with a universal synchronicity that left me shaking my head and laughing.

In my less than perfect path to mindful living, I find that I veer off course multiple times a day. I often seek to surround myself with those who remind me to get back on track or inspire me to keep trying. Reading Elizabeth’s words, I realized that she was a perfect illustration of how being so fully grounded and present opens you up to the peace that many of us seek. She is leading by example, and it flows through her words effortlessly to speak right to my soul (a hallmark of someone who is truly aligned with their higher self and connected on a spiritual level). Seeing her speak live is hard to explain in words, but you would know it if you felt it. Have you ever been around someone who instantly makes you feel safe and understood? Like they completely understand you and would never judge even your silliest mistakes? That sort of unconditional acceptance is powerful, and when you’ve experienced it, you’re transformed.

Maybe she intended to, maybe not, but she has used her gift to eloquently lay out a path we can all take to reach whatever our dreams are. She sent her lasso up into the universe and gathered up just the right words to describe a journey that many of us get lost on in our lives.

I could quote a million things from this book, and I urge you to pick up a copy for yourself. I know I have been forever changed, and am freshly inspired to stride down my path with unwavering faith.

With gratitude,