The "How to Open a Private Practice Digital Workshop" is Here!

It's time for you to start your private practice.

Over the past few years, my “accidental” private practice coaching and consulting business has grown rapidly. Why? Because grad school and agency jobs do not teach therapists how to start a private practice. In fact, many of my clients have no clue where to start, but desperately want to get out of their agency job due to feeling overwhelmed and underpaid.
When I started my own private practice, I had no intention of coaching others. But I quickly realized by helping friends and colleagues start their practices that there was a HUGE gap in the practical education we receive as healers and providers. So many of us leave our internships and are funneled into working jobs where “productivity” is valued more than “Self-care”. We are never taught the practical side of running a business or branching out into other avenues for healing.
Now, I won’t tell you my way is the only way. But what I will tell you is that my support and guidance has been proven to get you up and running in your practice quickly and efficiently. I have spent the last three years walking clinicians like yourself through these steps and supported them in manifesting their dream practice into a reality.

 Here are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider investing in this course:

  1. It works! Participants in the live workshop as well as my private coaching clients have had great success in following these strategies.
  2. It’s practical and straight-forward. The course provides you with clear and direct information that is easy to follow, including live links and walk-throughs with downloadable handouts and resources. 
  3. I am a heart-centered healer first, and businesswoman second. I believe that we all can empower ourselves to reach our goals, and that we can do so by being in alignment with our Self. My first step is getting you clear on WHO you are, and guiding you through the business steps second.
  4. I don’t like marketing gimmicks, and I’m not a salesperson. I don’t sugar-coat or hide information from you in order to up-sell you. I’m a therapist who has been in your shoes, and I genuinely want to help you succeed.
  5. There is no other course out there like this one! Yes, there are courses that can teach you marketing strategy or brainstorming as a private practice owner, but these courses do not provide demonstrations or walk throughs on completing the concrete steps needed for opening your business.
  6. Bonus Reason: You wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t feel a call to follow your dreams! You have a nagging voice in your heart and gut telling you to “Go for it!”, but your brain is pumping the brakes. This course will help you blend the two and move you forward confidently. 

Take a look inside the course!

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