My Yogic Journey

Namaste literally means "bow me you" or "I bow to you." The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another.


Many times when I have a goal or dream, I keep it quiet, held closely to my heart. I read somewhere that as an entrepreneur, you should do this with all your early-stage projects, as naysayers tend to list all the reasons your seemingly “impossible” dreams will never come true. I think for me, this habit started way back when bullies got the best of me. Some bullies were peers, some family, others significant others; and I built up emotional callouses when it came to sharing my Self with the world. But I never stopped dreaming, thinking big or believing the impossible. Some of my best decisions in life were done on impulse – those moments where my inner drive expanded bigger than my outer defenses and I felt compelled to act. I think these impulse moments were times when the Universe jumped in the driver seat when I could not find the courage to act on my own.


In hindsight, I also think there is a big part of me that has always trusted the Universe to help guide me. I believe without a doubt that I manifested my husband as a teenager. Of course, at the time, my manifestation was framed by ideas like “Brian is a hot guy’s name”, outwardly fueled by 15-year-old hormones. But underneath that was a deep understanding that without a doubt, it would happen. Fast forward over a decade later and I am married to my best friend and happier than I ever could have imagined while lying in my bedroom late at night dreaming big dreams. And even though I manifested by dreaming and then taking action, those first visions long ago were bread crumbs the Universe left to guide my way to a soul that would teach me so much about who I am.


Buddhism embraces a basic truth that to become enlightened, you must detach from the physical world/suffering and release attachments to what your ego mind defines as happiness. Manifesting and living in your flow is similar to this, but it doesn’t always involve the construct of pain to find the beauty of intuitive living. While I have experienced overwhelming relational wounds, some piece of me has been awake enough to tune into the Universal guidance without needing to be knocked over the head. Of course, my free will has a tendency towards stubbornness, so there are a few lessons I’ve had to repeat to really accept growth. But like many light-workers these days, I believe my soul carried with it a memory, a knowingness, that I am here on earth to impact others in magnificent ways.


A friend and I were having a conversation that sparked this realization. She was going through a career change, and had realized for herself that she could no longer be an instrument for change. While she would like to impact change, she recognized could not be the sole conduit in which others relied on to do their own work. It was in that moment that I had the clarity of heart and mind that that was exactly my purpose. The moments when I am one-on-one with a client or friend and I see the healing happen, their lightbulb go off, I feel my fullest. These are the moments in which my soul is in complete alignment with my greater purpose. And whether they consciously know it or not, other souls see something in me that signals to them I am a safe harbor in whatever storm they are facing. And so appeared more breadcrumbs to follow.


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (known as Maharishi, meaning "great seer") developed the Transcendental Meditation technique. Scientific research found that in cities and towns all over the world where as little as 1% of the population practiced the TMÒ Technique, the trend of rising crime rate was reversed, indicating increased order and harmony. Research scientists named this phenomenon of rising coherence in the collective consciousness of the whole society the Maharishi Effect. The Maharishi Effect establishes the principle that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness.


In my own circles, I have witnessed friends and family respond to an inner calling to grow. Some experience major traumas, while others seemingly woke up one day with the desire for living more purposeful lives. As many therapists, healers and coaches note, even prior to formal training, they always served as a support and facilitator for change in others. The same holds true for me, and I found myself being sought out for support and guidance as my loved ones embarked on their respective journey. As I walk my own journey, I reflect on my purpose and role and have come to the conclusion that in whatever way I can, my responsibility is to be the “Maharishi Effect” for others. Without a doubt, our collective consciousness is on the verge of evolving, and I believe there are souls here to help facilitate the evolution we are capable of.


It has taken a long time to find the balance in giving of my Self while not completely depleting my energy. It has also taken a lot of work to soften the callouses I grew to face a world that can sometimes be harsh and unforgiving. But with great commitment to a humanistic view of others, I find over and over the good and the light that resides inside people. And like all exchanges of energy, I have been gifted with having my own light realized and mirrored back to me. One of the most profound understandings and physical embodiments of this was discovering deep connection on my mat in a basic yogic principle: Namaste.


When I began announcing my decision to become a yoga teacher, the responses I received were surprising. People I hardly knew who overheard my revelation exclaimed, “You will be amazing at that! You have such beautiful energy!” This is definitely one of those times that it is hard to see myself through other’s eyes. My closest friends chuckle because they have seen the panic that comes with my intense fear of public speaking. The thought of leading a class brings about the same sense of nausea, but as with all of the best decisions I’ve made, I acted without thinking and there is no turning back.


The beauty of the timing of this particular stage in my journey is my awareness. My own spiritual journey has brought me to a place of mindfulness that I can reflect on and process my choices and challenges. And it is with that knowledge that I fully embrace the practice of yoga as the next step in my own evolution. I welcome this ancient, physical connection to spirituality as another tool that will help me serve others on their path through movement, patience and acceptance. I hope you join me over the next six months as I document the inevitable challenges and triumphs. I know I will not be the same person who is starting this journey now, and look forward to meeting who it is I am meant to become.

~The Light in me honors the Light in you.~

With gratitude,

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