Finding Your Happy Place

Ever have that dream where you are about to make a big presentation and open your mouth to speak and no words come out? Yeah, true story! There is nothing worse than getting sick a few days before a presentation, and I am bumming! Putting aside the fact that my to-do list is a mile long and I had to cancel super fun plans, my fear is that my brain fog is going to seriously hinder all the final touches I need to put on my workshop. Yet, as my husband insightfully pointed out, my body is telling me I need to slow down!

What a doofus!

What a doofus!

Today I am in quarantine. Yesterday, as I felt this nasty cold bug coming on, I started increasing my self-care. I ate soup until it was coming out of my ears, downed warm water with extra lemon and raw unfiltered honey, and made a visit to my little family’s happy place and alma mater - UConn’s Storrs campus - for a walk and fresh air. Our dog Kaya loves nothing more than car rides and walks, and the view up on campus is stunning. We love visiting the adorable cows who try to give Kaya kisses when she comes close. Horsebarn Hill makes you feel on top of the world, and I always pause to take a deep breath and soak up the sense of expansiveness.

So to continue to promote healing vibes, today’s oracle card pull is all about happy places! For example, my other happy place is driving in the car with windows down and music up. It is where I go release anger or connect with a sense of sweet, joyous freedom! Or being around water, whether it be the beach or my shower, is where I connect with my creativity and open my mind. In each of these locations I use my five senses to elicit or balance emotions, and can pretty easily change my mood or the trajectory of my thoughts if needed. 

I was thinking of just pulling one card today (as my energy is super low, bleh), but I was guided to pull four. My card pull reads as follows:

Divine Teachers – Sickness may be at hand (yup! Very funny, guides), and your runny nose may give you the privacy you need to regenerate your spirit. Embrace and be patient with your pain, it will bring insight and understanding, and in time, peace. You will heal.

Creativity Guides – There’s no way to avoid risk if you want to live a creative life. Be glad you have the freedom to make choices and create something. If you don’t like the result, go back to the drawing board and make new choices! Celebrate everything you enjoy, and don’t fret about the rest.

Nature Spirits – Your nature spirits, or runners (who help you manifest and find things), are working to introduce you to a wonderful new partnership (in this case, business). 

Healer Guides – Trust yourself and allow healing to take place (in essence).


So clearly being sick influence my pull! But it’s important to note the power of dropping into your heart and trusting your intuition for guidance vs staying in your logical mind. If I had stopped after one pull like my brain wanted, my narrow view would have been all about being sick. However, by trusting and pulling all four cards, I get much more clarity around connecting with nature and taking time to heal, and it what areas my healing should focus on. 

It can be hard to turn off our busy minds, especially when we are in "business" mode. But we MUST remember to lead heart-centered lives, especially in business. In all the interviews I listen to by celebrities or entrepreneurs I admire, the common theme to the success is the fact that they followed their instinct and did what they love. They weren’t chasing fame or the all-might dollar, they were simply pursuing their passion, and the abundance/success/accomplishment came because other’s were drawn to their infectious energy. 


So whether your vision of success be organizing your child’s school play or solving world hunger, you will accomplish it by remaining grounded and in touch with your Self. Be sure to build a happy place in your life where you can go to heal, create, rest, think or just simply connect with your emotions and Self. 

And while you’re there, send me some healing energy!

With gratitude,