America's Relapse... and Why Trump is Good For Us

I didn’t sleep well last night, tossing and turning and waking frequently. When I finally woke this morning, my heart was heavy. I scrolled through my newsfeed and shared grief with many friends, Americans and global citizens who sat in disbelief how such a comedic nightmare just happened. And like many days, I have to compartmentalize my grief to go hold space for others. How am I to support my first client who is gay, questioning not only his sexuality but his gender, and has a history of being beaten and raped just for his very existence? How do I sit across from him and tell him “It’s all going to be ok?” when my heart is breaking?

Relapse is inevitable. Whether it’s a client with addiction or some other form of change, we go through periods of wanting to change, trying out change, falling back to old ways and then trying again. I am drawing hope from the idea that America is relapsing. We forgot our coping skills. We forgot why we walked away from our old ways. Fear, anxiety and pure fatigue allowed us to play the mind games that trick us into thinking our olds lives were better.

As thought leaders around the world are striving to provide solace and guidance, I offer my humble words. Change takes effort. And while many of us have been trying to make change in decreasing sexism, improving environmental protection and abolishing racism, there were not enough of us. Life got “comfortable” enough for so many that we did not push as hard as we needed. We ignore warnings from scientists that our earth is dying. We become numb to brutality on the news. We adopt the mentality that “someone else will fight for my beliefs for me”. 

Trump is going to make us uncomfortable. And for that I say good. We need a thorn in our side and a beast to fight to keep fighting. He is not an absolute ruler, which means our world will not fall apart overnight. He may even provide us with some benefit from his life experience. Lasting change takes a catalyst great enough to push us past the point of feeling we’ve done enough for our “cause”; so far past our comfort zones that we can no longer go back. A pain point that we cannot ignore, become complacent or numb to. We need a constant reminder that if we truly want change, WE have to make it happen EVERY.DAMN.DAY. 

This election was not about politics, and never was. It was for what it represents for our country and our global community. My vote was not for a president or a political party. My vote was against hate and fear. My vote was for Love. 

Sending you all peace and love today and every day. I hope you join me in battling for peace, equality, kindness, and love.

With gratitude,