Small Moments of Hope

I'm definitely not known for being a Debbie Downer. Usually I hear "Why are you always so happy? It's obnoxious.", "You smile a lot, why are you smiling at me like that?", etc. But this morning I had the WORST case of the Mondays. Like, almost walked across the street and popped our awful neighbor's inflatable Santa decoration kind of day. Mind you, said neighbor almost smashed into me and drove off without even the slightest acknowledgment she had almost caused a major catastrophe as I pulled out of my driveway. I think I would have been justified if aforementioned inflatable decorations magically were no longer able to inflate... This was also after canceling on my clients because my car battery died and was headed to Autozone to buy a new one following a jump from AAA. I made it all the way into job #2 to find out everyone had cancelled (thanks again Monday!). But here's where my gift for the day comes into play.

I have been working with easily one of my most enjoyable clients for close to 3 years. I was honored that she followed me after leaving my last job and makes the 45 minute commute just to continue our work. She is hands down one of the spunkiest women I have ever met, and has the kindest soul that she hides behind a bad ass exterior and lots of curse words. I believe she is a fellow light-worker and empath, however life has kicked her in the pants repeatedly, causing her to spend her attention on everything but her gifts. It breaks my heart that there are times when people's connection to their true selves becomes buried because they are trying to keep their heads afloat just surviving life.

After missing a few appointments because of more twists and turns from our good buddy life, we finally touched base this afternoon. Her update for me was that she had finally made a huge change in her life, and took a risk that was at least 3 years in the making. I felt as if I was speaking to a whole new person. The diamond that I knew was underneath the rubble this whole time was shining through with a breath-taking brilliance. She said something that will stick with me forever: "I never realized how depressed I was. I'm not a people person, but I am actually enjoying meeting my new neighbors, and I am excited to start working. I am finally able to start living."

While I may not be able to throw a party or publicly declare my admiration, this woman's journey deserves the time and recognition it has earned. There will always be those clients that stick with you forever, and we don't often get to be a part of their successes. The drawback to therapy is that it is limited to brief moments in others lives, and we may plant seeds we never see blossom. I recognize the gift in seeing her take the leap she has taken. I am humbled by a tenacity that only hints to the strength beneath someone who, by all accounts, could have given up long ago.

I am grateful today for the chance to witness such courage. And on days like today, it has given me the courage to release that which does not serve me. I choose to release anger, and set my intention to patience and compassion. I turn my focus on the future, and re-align with the love and light of the world. I choose to learn from the strength and unwavering commitment for growth that I witnessed today.

Inflatable Santa has lived to see another holiday.

With gratitude,