The Quest for My Truth

Ok, here we go. It’s time to take the plunge into the blogging world… a world I never thought I’d venture into. Lately I’ve had this undeniable nagging urge to pick up writing again. But honestly, what would I write about? The possibilities are endless and incessantly swirling in my mind. My interest in cooking and attempting to master healthy eating post-food allergy diagnosis? My exercise habits that I literally never stick with? My family? My hobbies?

Yes, all of that is good. But I also think it’s time to write about my journey. A journey that I think is familiar to most, if not all. A journey for truth. My truth. Your truth. The truth that we all hold somewhere deep inside. Some are lucky enough to be born with an awareness of this truth, and find it easy to connect with from childhood. Others of us struggle until we’re ready to leave this earth, still scratching our heads wondering why we are here in this lifetime.

I don’t know when my quest started for sure. I do know I was a sensitive kid. I think in a lot of ways, my self-reflection started very early for various reasons. *Spoiler alert, these reasons will probably be the subject of other blog articles!* But I do think my life experiences have been mine for a reason. Each event in my life has been purposefully placed in my path to teach me something valuable that I’ve needed to get me here… wherever here is!

I think the next step in my journey is this… speaking and sharing my truth. Finding my voice, even if that means my dad is the only one who reads these (hi dad!). Saying out loud what we feel inside is how we test out our theories about life. It is also how we begin to have confidence in ourselves. To build the faith that we’re on the right track. To know the beauty that we hold on the inside, and share that with the world. Because that’s what we’re here for.

So, if this sounds even remotely familiar, maybe - just maybe, you’ll enjoy my thoughts. My musings will vary from light-hearted to mind-numbingly deep I’m sure, because that’s all a part of me. But what I hope to accomplish is sharing my soul. To bare all the imperfections and not shy away from them. To honor my truth, and know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. To know that every step and misstep is part of a perfect plan to elevate me to the next level.

I hope you enjoy the ride, as I am learning to do.

With gratitude,